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Residence Hall Regulations and Information

The following rules and regulations are established in accordance with State laws and Michigan State University ordinances, and are deemed necessary for the success of MSU Youth Conference programs. Program participants are expected to abide by these rules, regardless of age. Those who violate these regulations will be subject to disciplinary action, which may include being sent home and/or a report being sent to the participant’s parents/guardians, band director, and school principal.

Major Regulations

Violations that will result in immediate dismissal from the program and necessary legal action:

  • Use or possession of alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, fireworks or other explosives, dangerous weapons or substances, either on or off campus, is strictly prohibited.
  • Tampering with fire alarms, fire-fighting equipment, elevators, or safety and security equipment is strictly prohibited.
  • Intentional damage or theft of University or personal property is strictly prohibited. Disciplinary action will include financial remuneration for such damage or theft.
  • Members of the opposite sex, except for staff and parents, are not permitted in participants’ living areas, which includes hallways. First floor lounges, public meeting areas, and classrooms are not considered living areas.
  • The residence hall closes at 10:00 p.m. All program participants must be in the building at that time since the outside doors will be locked. Participants must be on their floors by 10:30 p.m. and in their assigned rooms by 11:00 p.m.

Minor Regulations

The first violations will generally result in warnings. Repeated violations will result in dismissal from the program:

  • The smoking of tobacco products is prohibited.
  • Gambling is a violation of State laws and is prohibited.
  • Excessive noise and aggressive physical behavior is to be avoided. The volume of sound equipment should not be loud enough to bother others.
  • Participants may not tape items to painted surfaces in their rooms.
  • The burning of candles is prohibited.
  • No electrical appliances, expect for fans and video/sound equipment, may be used in participants’ rooms.