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Welcome to the fourth decade of the MSU Performing Arts Marching Band Auxiliary Camp at Michigan State University!  Founded in 1983, the camp has been recognized nationally for its excellence in the instruction of drum majors, color guard, and percussion performers.  Participants will be provided with an instructionally-intensive experience that prepares them to perform and lead in a variety of marching musical arts settings.

The instructional staff has taught and performed extensively at the collegiate, drum corps, winter guard, and high school levels.  MSU Performing Arts Marching Band Auxiliary Camp will challenge all participants, no matter the level of their expertise.  The instructor-to-student ratio assures individualized attention throughout the clinic.


Camp I:July 6-8, 2017Drum Majors and Color Guard
Camp II:July 11-13, 2017 Drum Majors and Percussion (snare/multi-tenor/bass)
Drum Major Mace Camp: July 10, 2017


Tuition and Fees (for participants who will stay overnight on campus)
Instructional fees $160.00
Room & meals $100.00
Total $260.00

Tuition and Fees (for participants who will commute from home)
Instructional fees $160.00
Meal $50.00 (lunches and dinners)
Total $210.00

Tuition and Fees (Drum Major Mace Camp Only)
Instructional fees $75.00
Room & meals $25.00 (lunches and dinners)
Total $100.00

A deposit of $100.00 toward camp fees must accompany this registration. This includes a $50.00 processing fee, which is non-refundable. The balance of fees is due on or before June 23, 2017. If paid after this date, a $20 late fee will be charged. After June 30, 2017, there will be no refunds on any fees except in the event of a documented illness. In the case of a participant's suspension from the program, no fees will be refunded.

Please be sure to include a current e-mail address on your application. All additional information about MSU Performing Arts Marching Band Auxiliary Camp will be sent electronically to applicants.