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Camp Details


Attendance is mandatory at all camp sessions and activities. Unexcused absences will immediately be reported to parent/guardians and school officials.

Additional Costs

  • Participants are advised not to bring an excessive amount of cash to camp, and it is recommended that they only bring small bills since the residence halls no longer have the ability to make change at their service desks.  
  • MSU Performing Arts Marching Band Auxiliary Camp T-Shirt will be available at registration and is included in the cost of the camp. Most participants chose to wear this shirt at the final performance on Day 3. Participants who do not plan to wear this shirt for the final performance should plan to bring a white T-shirt.
  • Health Service Cost: During regular business hours, participants with minor medical concerns will be taken to MSU Olin Health Center where basic service fees will be assessed for all necessary treatments. After business hours or for more urgent care, participants will be taken to Sparrow Hospital, a Level 1 trauma center located five miles from campus, for treatment. The health form, which will be submitted during the registration process on Day 1, will be kept on file in case any medical treatment is needed.
  • Lost Conference Card $10
  • Lost bathroom key $15
  • Lost room key $75


This program is staged on the west side of the Michigan State University campus, in and around Brody Hall. For maps and directions, please visit and utilize the Interactive Campus Map to locate the facility.


Participants residing on-campus will live in the Brody Neighborhood. Here you will find attractive comfortable sleeping rooms, lounges, dining, and recreation rooms. Under the guidance of university counseling assistants, participants will receive a high quality experience away from the instructional setting, as well.


Parking is available for both commuters and residents who will be driving themselves to camp.  If your son or daughter will be driving themselves to camp then we need to get this information from you ASAP.  A parking permit will be issued to them at registration and they will be instructed on where to park at that time.  You must contact Charlene Wagner at 517-355-7654 or via email at  to insure that there is a parking permit available at time of registration.  Please be attentive to parking signs around Emmons Hall during registration and check-out to avoid possible tickets.

What to Bring

Participants should bring all equipment (flags, rifles, sabers, batons, maces, whistles, drums, sticks, etc.) for which they would like to receive instruction. The camp is not able to provide equipment for participants. It is recommended that participants also bring an alarm clock, small room fan, hat/sunglasses/sunscreen, CD player, and a small notebook/pen for taking notes during sessions. Please label all personal belongings prior to coming to camp.


It is highly recommended that program participants bring clothing and shoes that would typically be worn for a physical work-out. Athletic shoes and socks are required; sandals are not permitted during instructional sessions due to the amount of marching and movement that will take place. Rain gear and a jacket/heavy sweatshirt are also advised for cooler and inclement weather. Clothing for social activities at night is also suggested.

Equipment Storage

Although lockers are not available, participants will be issued keys to their assigned residence hall rooms to use for storage. These rooms are five minutes away from the rehearsal areas.

Camp Performance/Awards Presentation

Families, friends, band directors, etc. are encouraged to attend a final performance at 2:00 p.m. on Day 3 of camp. The performance will be held on Demonstration Hall Field.  Be sure to bring a lawn chair as there is no seating available.. Parking for this performance is available in Lot 62W, North end Spartan Stadium. This performance will conclude at 3:00 p.m.