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General Questions

Q: What are the camp dates for 2023?
A: Our 2023 Camp Dates are TBD at this time. Keep an eye on this site for updates!

Q: Where do I find registration information? 
A: Camp Registration information will be posted on this website on or before April 1, 2023

Q: Should I pay when I register? Will I receive a confirmation email once my registration is complete?
A: YES! Payment in full is required when registering for the camp. The Google Form that collects our online registration information must also be filled out completely and submitted for registration to be considered complete. The Google From will provide a submission complete notification and once your payment is processed through our CashNet system, you will receive an email from msupac@gmail as confirmation. Please note: The registration process also requires that you upload medical, parent participation permission, and media release forms, so please make sure to have those completed or you will not be able to submit your registration.

Q: Where do campers stay for PAC? Where do students eat? How are meals paid for during the camp?
A: All residential campers are housed in Emmons Hall, which is a part of the Brody Neighborhood. Student meals (for commuting and non-commuting students) are in the Brody Cafeteria. All meals for all students are included in the camp registration fee.

Q: Is it possible to order a parking pass?
A: YES! For students driving themselves to and from the camp as well as our day campers/commuters, parking passes are available for purchase during the registration process.

Q: Can I get housing and a parking pass? 
A: YES. This is possible when you complete the online registration process.

Q: What if I am a commuter? How does this work?
A: You will be able to purchase a parking permit that allows you to park in the Brody Neighborhood, which is where PAC is located (Emmons Dormitory, Brody Auditorium, Brody Cafeteria). You will be able to park and then join the rest of the campers for the daily sessions in Brody Auditorium.

Q: I would like to room with the other students from my school? How should I request this?
A: If you wish to room with a specific friend, you and your friend should list each other as you complete the Google Form. Students who register without a roommate request will be paired with another student in the camp. 

First Day of Camp Questions

Q: What time is registration for the Drumline, Drum Major, and Color Guard Camps? 
A: Registration for all camps will be held from 9:00 AM-10:45 AM in the Brody Auditorium. Once registered and moved into Emmons Dormitory, students will report back to Brody Auditorium for the Housing Orientation and first camp sessions. Please note: Drumline Camp participants should plan to drop off equipment at the Demonstration Hall Ballroom prior to arriving at Brody Auditorium for registration. The Ballroom is on the front side of the building, which is behind the Sparty Statue.

Parents, please allow your student to go through the in-person registration process alone. Although it appears chaotic during the rush of afternoon registration, we are experienced in this process, and we will be certain that your student is guided through the process. 

Q: What time is registration for Twirler Day?
A: Registration for Twirler Day will be held from 8:15 AM - 9:00 AM in the Arena at Demonstration Hall. If parking passes are needed, it is possible to purchase a day parking pass during the initial registration process. The Arena entrance is on the back side of the building, opposite the Sparty Statue.

Q: Where is the camp/camp registration site located?
A: Students should report to the Brody Auditorium. There, they will check-in and receive camp t-shirts. Once done, students will then report to the Brody Neighborhood Main Office to receive keys for their assigned rooms. From there, students will be able to proceed to Emmons Hall to move into their assigned rooms.

Q: Where do I park if I’m moving in my child? Where do I park before I get my parking pass? 
A: If students are checking in on a weekend day (Saturday or Sunday), free parking is typically available in the Brody Neighborhood parking lots. If students are checking in on a weekday/MSU working day, the closest parking area will be the Kellogg Center Parking Lot, directly across Harrison Road from Emmons Hall.

Q: Do we need to bring bedding for my dorm room?
A: Yes, you will need bed sheets, a blanket(s), pillows. You will also need toiletrees, towels, and washcloths.

Q: Do I need a mace/whistle? What if I don’t have one? 
A: Whistles are required (we suggest this one and a lanyard, since students will wear them around the neck). Maces are optional, not required for participation in the camp.

Please understand that it is absolutely essential to arrive on time and have your student present for the Housing Orientation Session and first camp session at 11:00 AM on the first camp day. These sessions cannot be missed! You must be checked-in to the camp and moved into your room before that the 11:00 AM meeting begins. During the meeting, we will review housing policies, discuss the camp schedule(s) and spend a considerable period of time going over other important information that cannot be replicated.
If you happen to have car trouble or some other emergency and you will be unable to arrive on time, you will need to report to the Brody Hall Housing Office (near Brody Auditorium) for late check-in.